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What makes a good writing? With correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, you can write better. It’s what you’ll get if you check your grammar online. You will also improve your writing by doing a copyright check to ensure that your writing is original. Learn more on how you can write better and submit outstanding essays by reading the following.

What Makes Good Writers Write Better Copies?

Aside from doing a copyright check, they also know on how to write a strong copy that is read and capture attention of their readers and professors. Learn how you can be just like them and their tricks here today with the help of our expert writing, editing, and proofreading advice.

Check out how they work on bettering their articles, blogs, reviews, and other written documents:

  • They use active and strong verbs: You can make use of these words and make your writing interesting. Avoid using adjectives and adverbs. They don’t use these parts of speech often because it does not display professionalism.  The pros focus on their verbs, instead. Don’t make your writing stuck in the dust, so use strong verbs on it.
  • Check your English grammar and use transition words: These words direct readers better in your writing, which is why the pros use them in writing. These words also prevent you from writing fragments and run-on sentences.
  • They show and tell stories: Good writers know that the human brain is wired to accept and love tension and stories.  Make your stories interesting enough for adults, not only for children, by using stories to help your readers relate to the story.
  • They use suitable style and language for their readers: For example, they don’t use contractions when writing academic papers, such as a thesis. So in all cases, write for your readers, not for yourself.
  • They check grammar and plagiarism: They know that mistakes are for amateurs, so they polish their papers before submission or publishing. Check for nasty errors that will make your writing less interesting than it should.They accept criticism and improve their writing! Even the pros don’t stop learning.  If you want to write better, check grammar and plagiarism, and accept feedback to improve your style.

Copyright Facts

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By learning how to check your grammar, you can become a better writer. More so, if you know how to copyright check your work.  Here are some facts from PD Doc.

  • All the works (US) published before the year 1923 are considered and are stored in the public domain. The experts estimate that about 85% of those works published 1923 to 1963 are already in the public domain.
  • Protection for copyright isn’t extending to pre-existing material.
  • Even the works published outside the US borders are protected by the country as if they’re published there.
  • There is no official copyright authority, but there are many who are fussing about material sharing – and they’re self-appointed ones.
  • Copyright infringement is civil, not a criminal matter.
  • A copyright notice isn’t required for protection.
  • Works of the US government cannot be protected by copyright.
  • Ideas and facts are in the public domain.

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Why Strive for Originality

Aside from possessing an impressive punctuation, phonemic orthography and writing style, you must also stay original in all your works.  No matter you’re a student, a business owner, a worker or an author, you must always be unique to avoid problems in copyright infringement, which happens when you copy, reproduce, distribute or make derivatives of someone’s original work without his or her written consent. It also happens when you don’t make proper attribution to the source.

Keeping your writing original with grammar and plagiarism checker is also important if you want to grow your reader base. You can build their trust and keep them reading your work for staying original if you’re a book author or a professional blogger and writer.

If you’re a student, you can avoid the consequences of plagiarism that can be serious depending on which school you belong. In some cases, you might get a failing mark in the subject or the course.  You may also be suspended or worse expelled from the university.  Now if you’re applying to study in the academic institution, you may be barred from entering it by submitting a copied admission essay.

Famous Plagiarism Cases

  • Joseph Biden: He failed a course when he copied a paper when he was in law school.
  • Rene Diekstra: The professor was accused of plagiarism in 1997.
  • Helen Keller: She was accused of plagiarizing a school paper.
  • Stephen Ambrose: He copied writings from other author’s in some of his works.


How Our Plagiarism and Grammar Checker Free Online

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