5 Astonishing Websites to Check for Copyright

A simple search of “check plagiarism tool,” you will find a wide range of online checkers geared towards helping you ensure getting rid of plagiarism in your content. These tools are handy, and many of them do not require a download or installation. They do a copyright check without any hassle. However, not all of them may be reliable. In today’s post, you will learn of the best websites that will help you check for plagiarism in your content, so check them out below.

How to Check Plagiarism: Best Websites to Do the Checking

The following is a list of copyright website checker tools that can help you eliminate copyright issues in your presentations, reports, essays and blogs, among other written contents.  If you own a website, they can also spot for existing copies of your articles, guides and blogs online. The ways of using them are very easy.

Check out the following for more help:

  • Plagiarism Checker is another way to check document for plagiarism online. You can simply check whether the content is plagiarized or not. You can also find out if your content is plagiarized by other people. The Google copyright checker does not require downloading too.  You can also click on the option for authors that let you see if your content has been posted by other websites on the internet.  However, the tool supports only Yahoo and Google Browsers.
  • PlagTracker is a quick plagiarism detection tool that lets you search and scan academic databases and websites by uploading files or just copying and pasting content.  The tool is also advantageous because it can address to varying user groups, including publishers, teachers and students.  It also provides detailed reports. However, there is no file upload option offered for free users.
  • Plagium is another free tool for checking your content against plagiarism. You can just copy and paste your text on it. There are also two options offered, the deep search and the quick search.  However, you can just check up to 5,000 characters at a time, so it may not be good for checking long research papers. The features are also limited if you are a free version user.
  • Quetext is another dependable tool to rely on when checking for plagiarism.  It does not require any subscription and usage is unlimited. There is also no download needed.  All you need is to visit the site and check your content for scanning it against plagiarism in an instant.  However, there is no file uploading option available. You can only copy and paste the text in the specific area.
  • PlagScan is a plagiarism tool for businesses and individuals. You can check documents and journals, along with other types of written documents for plagiarism and get results in an instant.  The website offers accounts for universities, schools and businesses for $19.99 per month, and that includes unlimited features, including for cloud and administration. Some users reported of its complicated interface though, so it seems quite advanced for some of them.

How They Work versus CopyrightCheck.org

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We ensure that your content is unique. It works without downloading or subscribing to the service. All you need is to visit it online, and scan your content on it. You can copy and paste or type your essay on it. When done, just click the button to start checking, and then you will be taken to the reports page, where to see the results.

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When compared with these tools, our tool is the easiest method used by professionals and students in checking the originality of the content.  The tool also checks for errors in the text, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation and writing style. It does not only check for exclusive rights in the content, but it also ensures that your writing is made clearer and better.

Our tool is an all-in-one website copyright checker.  It is also free to use just like the other tools. However, this tool is more comprehensive versus all of them because it checks for all possible errors in writing. No wonder, this website copyright checker is developed by grammar experts themselves. It has a wide database of the grammar rules, which you must know and apply in your writing.

What Are the Penalties for Poor Citation, Plagiarism, and Bad Grammar?

A creative work won’t be that impressive if it contains poor citation, bad grammar and plagiarism. All these issues will make your poem, essay or novel less outstanding. As a writer, you must show your readers that you were able to check your writing against these blunders.

For example, if you’d commit plagiarism in your essay, you can be expelled from your university or college. It might also result to a failing grade in the subject or the entire course. Just like if you don’t copyright check website, your work might be destroyed due to plagiarism.  If you’re a student, you can be expelled from your school, and plagiarism can also result in a legal action.

Bad grammar and poor citation, on the other hand, can result to your destroyed reputation as a writer.  So if you’re a blogger, you must do a copyright check website to avoid being accused of plagiarism by other bloggers and destroying your reputation online.

Avoid the problems due to grammar mistakes, poor citation and plagiarism.    Create an amazing copy using our check plagiarism tool today!